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Hi, I just observed that in TW2 it is not possible to chose which section will appear in what order. This can give awkward results, such as "the lounge" appearing on top and "important announcements" appearing at the bottom.

Now, I have a more original request. In the lists of posts, whether they are in modules or on main page, I would like the name of the author NOT to be a link.

The reason is that, when visiting a forum, I will only on very rare occasions prefer to see the author's profile instead of reading the post that attracts my attention. A link for the author's profile should be an option when I read the post only.

Those links to authors' profiles in narrow spaces besides links to the posts creates unnecessary interface clogging and confusion. Probably that was a decision from the first versions of phpbb, which everybody has been reproducing since.

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for those things to happen, the best option (imho) is to send this message to tiki-devel list, so taht all developers are aware of your suggestion, and if there is not opposed reaction within some days, then commit this change to whatever tpl is needed.

You can ask for real time advice, if needed, on the irc channel...


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