Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: New 2.0 Install Errors: directory does not exist.

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Sorry to hear that problem. I'm not that used to installations under windows machines.
The data in the .conf file you were looking for is stored (afaik) in the mysql table tiki_preferences (or similar name). So I would say, try adding these new files in your tiki_preferences table, in case you are installing your tiki as a subdirectory in your htdocs (or equivalent) folder:

https_prefix /*sitename*/
http_prefix /*sitename*/
feature_server_name www.domain.net/*sitename*

Alternatively, I'd suggest you have your tiki installed on the TikiLiveCD, configure it to your needs, and see the params in that tiki_preferences table in order to manually set that table right for you.
Afaik, on GNU/Linux servers, you don't need to do that, since the path is automatically discovered, even if you haven't set your subdirectory correctly yet. If this doesn't happen to you windows installation, I would suggest you to find a coder which can adapt the code related to "path discovery" to windows installation. See the list of Consultants, in case you need it, or hace a look at the list of Tiki Friendly Hosts.



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