Re: How do you change the URL/URI that the tiki is based at

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Dear Chase_N :

First of all... Welcome to Tikiwiki Community! smile

And now, You'd better re-upload your tikiwiki installation to the right place, according to what you are looking for (and as I understand, you can only install through ftp)

If you upload folder "tikiwiki22" to the server, you will have that folder in the way to your tiki installation, after your domain name (i.e. domainname.info/tikiwiki22 )

If you upload the content of your local folder tikiwiki22 (not the folder and all its contents) but just the contents of that folder, then you'll have everything in your server without the "tikiwiki22" prefix at the url.

Does it help?


P.S: This looks like a question to be added to the Faqs...

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