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Unable to post an entry in calendar for date January 31, 2009

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You may have gathered by now that a major use of the TikiWiki on my site (www.progressiveomaha.com/tikidir) is to post calendar events. I hope the notices I've put here end up in the Bug Report section. If they don't, let me know and I'll track down how to do that again.

Meanwhile: I've tried posting an entry in the calendar for the date January 31, 2009. Nothing displays. I've tried posting it using "Save", "Duplicate" and also by viewing the "Preview" and trying to "Save" from there. The entry just disappears. So far I've not had this problem with any other date.

Actually, I just tried March 31, and a test entry worked there; so it's not the date.

Another candidate for the bug report. :-(

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Hi ElViejito
> "I hope the notices I've put here end up in the Bug Report section"

Mmm, if it's not you who add them there, I wonder who is going to take the time to add them there for you...

My personal opinion is that (potential) bug reports with no answer in a short time frame, might get lost more easily if they were posted in forums than in the bug tracker: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/tracker5

I know other people disagree, but... that my opinion.
Just in case it helps.

BTW, that thing about the duplicate button disapearing, I guess that you can just look at the corresponding .tpl file (to the php file showing that behavior), and change the "conditional" so that it displays always for you, etc. Just a guess.


Catalan Countries

BTW, Calendar has been redesigned to allow recurrent events to be added easily.
See: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/TikiWiki+3

And please, help us improve the documentation as you keep finding out how things work, etc.

United States
Thanks. I'll look at this again 1/31. I appreciate your help.

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