Re: New to Tikiwiki and new to development

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Hi Floh1111 and welcome to TikiWiki Community! wink

Please, you are welcome to discuss your proposal of changes in the tikiwiki-devel on sf.net list (which has more attention from all the other developers than in this forum)

1. This is going to be very handy! :-)
3. As far as I know, nobody has already done that, and it will be very welcome by many users/communities using tiki.

2. Permission system in Tiki will be changed in tiki 4.0, and there is an active discussion about it that list these days. Please, join the dicussion, and I see you change as something very needed for new users, which could be somehow linked to the "user levels" feature started (and not finished) by mose, so that begginer-level users could have a simpler interface shown (by default) to handle permissions on objects, plus some expandable button somewhere saying: "advanced feature: manage full list of permissions", which would open the traditional interface to set all/any permission on that object, etc.

My 2 cents.

But definitively, your hacks will be very welcome, provided they comply with the 3 rules (so that they would need to be optional)

To get commit access, etc (you are welcome! :-), read this page: