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posts: 1797 Catalan Countries

Hi meta4r and welcome to the Tikiwiki Community! smile

thanks for fixing those pages (typos or Spanglish errors maybe sometimes from me? wink )

You don't see the paragraph (some of them) because that page is using the PluginVersions, in order to show only the paragraphs related to a specific version of the software. If you click in the button for another version, then you'll see the paragraphs for the other version.

So keep up improving the documentation! (thanks for joining the effort)


P.s: I was kind of surprised to see that post of you in a thread 5 years old... (impressed). Hi Damian, if you were watching that thread also). I hope you are well.

P.S.2.: In tiki3 this syntax:

--Could someone please look at it and tell me what is going on?--

produces this text (striked font):
Could someone please look at it and tell me what is going on?

FYI... smile

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