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Features / Usability

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I followed the instructions to install the module controls so that users can move the menus up and down and left and right but it is not working. I enable the "Show Module Controls" option and the "Users can Configure Modules" option and I made sure that my users have tiki_p_configure_modules. However, when clicking on the module controls, they do nothing. I am using tikiwiki 3.1. I tested this on tikiwiki 2.2 and the menus still cant move around. this was tested in 2 browsers
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Hi Steve, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community smile:
This is a bug. Could you please add a bug report about it?
Here: http://dev.tikiwiki.org
Thanks in advanced

ty xavi. Sure, i will see about submitting a bug report


the bug has already been reported by someone else.

it seems that the reply buttons at this topic are broken.

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