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Re: Missing structures, can't set permissions in 3.0

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Mmm, hharold, ok, structures have permissions for edition and watching (subscribing to changes in them), nor for viewing, you are right.
Then, it must be that you have to enable them at "Admin > Wiki" or so. They are optional in Tiki 3 (not in previous versions).

Mmmm, and I suggest you to read (again, if you previously didn't) the upgrade2to3 documentation page. It's explained there. And please, improve that page if you feel that it was not clear enough.

About the "upate" button issue: I would say (just a guess) that you try using one of the updated themes for Tiki 3 (in case you are using some old customized theme from previous versions; maybe not?). Strasa or Thenews should do. If this doesn't work, please, open a bug report here:

And welcome to Tikiwiki Community, hharold!

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