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How is the WYSIWYG / FSCK editor activated in 3.1?

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I have just completed an upgrade (via Fantistico) from 2.2 to 3.1. I can not figure out how to activate the WYSIWYG editor. In the documentation that I have looked at,


it says to go to ADMIN>FEATURES. I do not see any option to do this on my screen.

1) How do you activate the WYSIWYG editor?
2) Can it be used with articles (in previous versions, I don't think it could).

Thank You

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Look in experimental tab.

Starting in 4.0, there will be a search for the features, to make this easier.

It can't be used with articles in 3.x However, some back-end work has started to make it easy to deploy in all edit boxes. Target 4.x or 5.x

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A bit more exploring showed me that the visibility of the selection to activate WYSIWYG editor might have to do with the theme that I am using.

I am using a custom theme that I ported from 2.x.

If I look at the source of the ADMIN>FEATURES page, I see the selection except the CSS says "display:none:".

If I switch the themes to a 3.x theme, I then see all the options listed.

I now understand that it can't be used in articles. OK. At least I know now!

As always, thanks for the help!