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From phpbb to tikiwiki

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Hello I was wondering if anyone has been able to import the users,passwords and forums from phpbb to TikiWiki from every thing that I can find there really is no bridge which would be ideal but since there is not then maybe I can pull the info off the phpbb DB and put it to the TikiWiki DB I want if nothing else the users along with their passwords even if on first log in they need to reset them. And the forum categories, threads, and posts. Anyone know how I could go about this.
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I've seen where work has been done to enable a tiki user to authenticate against a phpBB database - looks like this feature is slated for version 5. But I'm not familiar with importing the forums themselves.


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A frequent and loud request here. We'd have phpbb for awhile and people like it. Having a bit of a time trying to duplicate the structure in tiki, plus they want feature parity--the whole thing is no good because it hasn't got the same "Active Topics Button" is a common observation. Sigh.

There was a Google Summer project from which phpbb import was dropped ;-)

Our user passwords in the phpbb db are encrypted, so I'm thinking we can maybe export the usernames and email addresses from phpbb and massage that to a csv file tiki can import into users, then when they go to login they can just click forgot password and tiki will mail them one?

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I did pull out the users names and email addresses (Dl'd the user table from the phpbb in excel format deleted unused fields and saved as csv file uploaded and it worked.) and I set each user pass to the their user name and sent them each a email giving them the log in info plus the instructions to change their passwords