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>The questions:
>1) If I do some of the translation, how do I get it
>back to the community and insure that the changed
>translation will be available with the next release.

See where to commit.

>2) I can find the string that needs translation with a
>search function in the editor.
>In some situations I can find and translate the string
>and it works. Is there a more efficient way to do it?
>Some strings cannot be found in this way (like Log on,
>Learn, Share in the header of the wiki home (possibly
>set in the template). How can I find and change such

All string should be in the lang.php file.

>3) I can configure to select the language according to
>the prefered set in the browser. In most cases this
>works fine. In some situations the user needs to change
>the language of the dialog. I have configured that the
>user can change the language of the site. Where can the
>user find the language change button?

Use the Switch Language module. Please see the docs...


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