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Features / Usability

WYSIWYG & Wiki syntax



is there a possibility to reduce the wysiwyg-Editor to wikisyntax.
It only produces html-syntax, or am I wrong?
That makes no sense to me, only if you forbid wiki yntax at all.

If I use WYSIWYG I always get a mixture of html and wikisyntax ... thats
more uncomfortable than htmlsyntax for itself ...

In dokuwiki the editor produces clean wikisyntax. Thats the right way ...for me.

Any ideas are welcome,


The standard editor in Tiki Wiki has now been improved so much that I decided to turn off the WYSUSWYG editor. The latter does indeed not work very well. For example, when pasting from word in a page a lot of hidden code is pasted that is not displayed by the editor.
The shortcuts to formatting codes in the standard editor (for italics, bold etc) are easy to use, so standard users do not have to remember anything. Only editing tables is a bit cumbersome in the Wiki syntax, but doable.

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