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Re: Help on Tracker Action Field

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Hi Edwin, and welcome to Tiki Community!

Now I know why this topic sounded familiar to me... ;-)

Edwin, I don't use this field since then... could you please update the documentation here: Action Tracker Field and ask fro help on the irc chat ?

As far as I remember, the tricky part was identifying the adequate fields in your form to be sent to your external url with the right syntax, etc.
Sorry I can't invest time on this right now, more than this short help (urgent work to be done)

I hope you can manage with the help on irc, and your trial and error (that's how I managed years ago).

And if it doesn't work foryou as expected, then it might mean that the feature is buggy. So that you could add a bug report at

So, welcome on board on the Tiki world! ;-)