Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Moving Tiki from one host to another

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I hear you! and it is a very valid point. Especially if you have mysql locally and say MSSQL on a host.

I believe we have confirmd that the current Backup/Restore in TikiWiki isnt working. Lets add it to the list of things to get fixed in 1.8 before that goes Final!


> jcwinnie:
> I guess this is as good a place as any. Easy is in the eye of the beholder, Damian.
> On the MigratetoTiki page, either you missed my point or ignored it. The answers that you provide here and there are:
> 1. DBMS dependent (MySQL centric)
> 2. Version dependent (Tables change between versions)
> 3. Tiki dependent (Now which attribute for which field for which table was that?)
> My grousing had to do with "Where is the Import/Export button?" Movable Type uses MySQL (or can use Berkley dB). Nevertheless, transporting data from one MT installation to another is done with a handy-dandy, Import/Export button.
> MT exports data as an easy-to-edit text file. Granted it is Personal Publishing Software, i.e., a weblog rather than a Swiss Army knife for collaborative content. Still, I would contend that transporting data is much simpler, "I push a button", instead of finding and following the steps presented, augmented, and outdated in this specific post.
> The (stupid user) defence rests. rolleyes

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