Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: htaccess magic quotes question

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This is good information, and nicely posted in the support forums cool

We need to use these forums more for user to user support like this!

To answer your question:

I would set the max_execution_time to maybe 60 seconds, which will help with the backup feature once its up and running again. otherwise I would leave alone at 30. Oh, if you use the mailin on the forums you might want to set to 120

upload_max_filesize set to whatever you want to set as a limit for your site! LimitRequestBody might also have to set as well to a larger value.

memory_limit 16Mb for a starting out TikiWiki maybe raised to 24 or 32 on an established one like tikiwiki.org.

Lets hope that your findings help many more of our Tiki users!

Good work!


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