Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Files gallery problems after update from 4.3 to 5.1

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Hi gimpsy and ripero, and welcome to Tiki community! smile

gimpsy/Stefano: ensure that you have done the Upgrade properly as far as the utf-8 issue is concerned.
Please follow the steps in the Upgrade, while setting again your db settings while:

  1. keeping the checkbox to "force utf-8"
  2. change db and tables to utf-8 if/when suggested to do so
  3. convert your content from latin1 (or whatever character set you had in your db tables until before the upgrade) to utf8. That's at the last step before locking your db and entering tiki.

And ripero, if you have upgraded the db as explained in the Upgrade, can you compare your mysql table tiki_file_galleries in your db, with the same table in the a brand new tiki 5.2 that you install in your localhost? Search for that 'show_lastDownload' in 'field list', I would say....

And please, report back with any findings on that comparison...

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