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Re: Tiki and Webdav

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Hi Eric:

Thanks for your message and constructive comments. Really appreciated.

There were some missunderstandings , but in general, I agree with what you say. And believe me, many people in Tiki Community are aware of that, and doing our best.

a few specific comments:

  • Not many posts related to WebDav maybe because it's a new feature, and it was undocumented for a while...

And maybe also related to the fact that most users don't know why they need it for? Anyway...

  • Sorry for the "joke" about getting a different OS. I'm used to my univerity students telling me "Get a Mac" when something doesn't work with the computers with windows at one of the places where I teach. Forget it.

  • I'm afraid the coders of the webdav implementation in Tiki are not following this forum (nor any forums in tiki.org). That's the way things are, it seems. (but they are investing their time with their customers and in the Quality Team of Tiki, also, etc). You could easily reach them through the tikiwiki-devel list, of course, and maybe (I don't know for sure), through the tikiwiki-users list. You know, some people prefer email lists than forums, etc. (I don't know if this is their case, anyway)

  • Documentation: I agree. A few users have done as much as possible to fill in the gaps in the last years (I can tell you it was much worse), at least, as a reference or handbook.

If you look for something better for new users to go through a whole document, you can read the nice alternative project by another Tiki admin:

Well, I hope you can figure it out how to use tht webdav with your OS, whichever you use. I managed to use WebDav from GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows. At least, basic usage.

Good luck, and again, thanks for the time you invested to share back your comments and opinions.