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Hi Sept, Eric, Marc, Jörn, Gary and other followers of this thread!

Well, I've tested myself today, and there are other issues.

(1) the example in the documentation shows the connection to the demo server:

but this site seems to be no longer available
Instead, there is just:

So, you'd better try in your own tiki installation, provided that you enable webdav feature first, ensure that you have some file gallery, you are logged in as admin or user with enough global perms or loval on that file gallery, etc.

For tiki developers: keep reading, please:

I tried with user admin on:

and I managed to copy & paste files on a test file gallery that I created (using Nautilus/Gnome from GNU/Linux in my case), but files seems to be corrupted somehow: tiki is unable to produce thumbnails for them (in the file gallery), and I'm unable to open those png files again from the webdav folder (only from my local version before copy & paste).

I also tried (just in case) to switch from storing files in db to directories (files/ folder, which is in theory created and with good perms already), in the same demo.tiki.org server. Byut no change. I copy & pasted new png files, and no way.

In addition, I tried something similar in some other demo server, from the ones listed here:

And this one using 5.3 failed for me for some other reason:
Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: demo123

It's reset every few minutes, so that you'd better ensure to log in as admin, and enable Webdav, and ensure there is a file gallery, etc.

I did that, connected with Gnome/Nautilus, copy & pasted those couple of small png files (which are ok in my localhost), and they were stored there as file type "httpd/unix-directory", which is not recognized as image, of course, not by tiki not by file managers.
See attached one example of those png images thast I uploaded for the tests.

Any hints?

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