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Tk 5.3 and file gallery corruption

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I've seen references to image corruption in early tk 5.0 versions on the forum. Apparently it was fixed in 5.1. I'm running 5.3 and I cannot upload any images without them being corrupt.

I've read that you can tweak your php.ini or change the encoding to latin1 as opposed to utf8 (or something like that). I don't have access to any of these options as I go through a hosting provider that doesn't give access to these sorts of things.

Was the fix done in 5.1 and up?

I'm using mysql 5.0.87 I believe. Would love to be able to use this gallery.

For the record, it works just fine on 4.3 on the same server 8~(]

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Sorry about that. It was fixed in 5.1 for certain configurations, but it's still problematic in 5.3 for certain other configurations.

It will be fixed in 5.4

Can you update your .php files ?

Can you try the following?


M ;-)

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That is exactly the link I needed. Yes, I can tweak the db/local.php file. I will give it a go tonight.

PS. Where are you in Canada? I'm Ottawa/Hull.


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It hasn't worked for me.

I added:


to my db/local.php,

Do I have to restart the apache instance? I don't have access to that unfortunately.

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For the record, I removed the entry referencing utf8 for client charset, and I can now upload without corruption. I uploaded all the images I needed then changed it back. Don't imagine it would be a good thing to change that.
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Can you also try the one line change I suggest?

M ;-)

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"Can you also try the one line change I suggest?"

Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the local.php entry? I have done that, and it didn't work. Only thing that did work as I said was removing the utf8 references (temporarily).

There is also a link to "apply commit 30522, which fixes it (and will be 5.4)" with new php code for tiki-db-pdo.php file. Is that what you are referring to? If so, I applied that patch as well. It didn't fix it either, drag. I was getting my hopes up.

Salut Marc.

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You should meet up with Pascal in Ottawa:

There will likely be a TikiFest with BigBlueButton soon in Ottawa.

M ;-)

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note that if you use the file directory instead of the DB you can avoid this issue completely. see the release notes for details
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For the record, the mysql db which is installed with latin1 encoding is now officially hosed. I guess I shouldn't have messed with the utf8 setting in the local.php file?

Dam, I wish my provider gave me the option for 4.3.