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Features / Usability

Re: Re: Re: Moving from Drupal

United Kingdom

> I guess, I can look at phpOpenTracker.

The start is there, although I'm not sure on the current status of integration.

> At the risk of asking too many questions — one more question. In Drupal, I can inform the system how

Questions are good :-) They keep in these forums biggrin

> I set up the rewriting system. What it means is that instead of messy URLs it generates clean URLs and the mod_rewrite takes care of rewriting appropriately.
> For example: if http://.../node/36 is going to be /view_node?id=36, then wherever the drupal generates the URLs it generates /node/36, node/45 etc. Does Tiki also do that?

See the wiki page RewriteRules or something along those lines. type Rewrite in the search wiki page name box. Ive just set this up on my box this morning!

> Thanks much, I already decided to give Tiki a try.

Good to hear, Im always around to help if you get stuck!


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