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Architecture / Installation

Articles as home page problem

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I have a 1.7.4

I have set in general preferences that articles are my home page.

When i log under admin, it is ok.

When i log under registred i got an error (you are not authorized...)
If i click on the menu "Articles" i can as see them.

Why they don't show up on loggin for registred users as they do for admin ?


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Hi yoni,

Check the permissions for the anony. and registered groups.

Youll need to click CMS and make sure that the read permission is available to both those groups.

Post back if you want more help!


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It is a little more complicated. biggrin

As my website is private, at first no modules are shown, only the connection (login) box.

As i login, the right and left module appears bur the middle stay with the permission error.

If just close the window and open it again (before my session ends) i can see all perfect.

It seams to me that the middle part of tiki is not refreashed after my login.

Any clue ?