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Re: Transfer one user's contributions to another user

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Hi daneast:

That feature hasn't been coded yet by anyone. You are welcome to code it, or request a coder to do that for you if it's highgly important for you (see the list of Service Providers, if you need it, here: Consultants

Alternatively, you could change the format in which the contributors are listed at the bottom of the page (see some option to do that under Admin home > Wiki > ...)

Otherwise you coud attempt to change that in the database directly, but only recommended for experience phpmyadmin (or mysql) users.

Cheers and welcome to Tiki Commnity!

daneast wrote:

When I first setup Tikiwiki I created some pages under the Admin account. I now use another account to contribute with. I need to transfer the contributions made by the Admin user to my new account. Is that possible? I couldn't find a way to do that.


At the bottom of the page you'll see that the contributors are admin and Dan East. I want to merge the admin contributions into the Dan East account.


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