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Re: Modules inside a div

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Glad that worked! Regarding toolbars for forum posts, is the Image icon at the top right of the post edit window not working? Also, what do you mean by changing the HomePage?

Limen wrote:

I'm creating a homepage and I'm trying to have a left column with articles and a right column with modules for other features, but using the tools to create a wiki page I can't get those modules inside the HTML code for the columns.

I can make it look something like what I want with this:
{ARTICLES(max=5,topicId=!5,largefirstimage=y, fullbody=n, sort=publishDate_desc)}{ARTICLES}

But it doesn't work as I want it too and I would like to know how can I have those modules inside a HTML code, or just get the code that those modules are made of to insert it as HTML.