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Re: Re: Interesting Calendar Behavior in 1.8

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> mattlangley:
> Yeah, thats probably what I am going to have to do, but the problem is that I have customized a fair amount of the PHP and TPL scripts for the site that I need to be really careful about copying stuff directly from the CVS tree. If I just grab the updated lib files (user.lib etc.) do you think that would take care of it? I would just like to avoid having to replace all of the scripts because of the about of small tweaking that I have done.

We really should have some better theme/tweaking documentation;

I dont know if you have done this or not, but I'll type it anyway, for the benefit of others at least.
When you start your own theme, its best to copy the CSS that your basing it on. Lets take the example of neat.css and make it into mess.css, all the paths here are from the tiki root.

copy /styles/neat.css to /styles/mess.css
create a dir /styles/mess
copy /styles/neat/* to /styles/mess/. only if the directory exists
create a dir /templates/styles/mess
copy /templates/styles/neat/* to /templates/styles/mess/.

That will give you a mess.css under Admin General that will look and work like neat.css

Ok, so you want to change some of those templates. Before you change a template copy it into the /templates/styles/mess as any templates in here override the default ones. Basically meaning unless you have tweaked php files, you can freely port/copy your theme to another installation.

So matt, if you can try and move your modified templates into a templates/styles/matt folder as example it would make it a little easier. We cant do much with the PHP files tho neutral those are going to have to be diff'd and remade.

Hope it helps you and others, post back if you get stuck or want anything else


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