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Re: How to convert Tracker items into regular SQL table with field names as columns

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grg111 wrote:


I'd like to use a report generator we have in the workplace (Crystal Enterprise) to dig into our Tracker data and send pdf reports to people (who are not tiki conversant) after joining the data from several linked Trackers.

To help with this I wanted to create a MySQL View that refactors a given Tracker's data with its various field names as the table columns and the item_field values as the values in those columns. The query would essentially return a recordset of all of that Tracker's items, with all fields having a value in each row. It is then relatively straightforward from here to get the desired report.

If anyone knows how to do this as a query in MySQL, if it is possible, or has some other suggestion to achieve the desired outcome, please let me know.


Hi Gary:

Send this question to the tikiwiki-devel list instead, I could say (see Lists for link, if needed).

Afaik, Robert Plummer is working towards a report generator from trackers to do exactly this (and Robert had that working on his own custom Tiki 6.x, even if they are porting it to Tiki trunk).

See this as example:

Good luck.

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