Re: Was Tiki 7 a too big revamp?

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Oliver Bach wrote:

I am using Tiki since version 4, and always updated within a major version with no problems, and also upgrading to the next X.1 version was no problem, yet.

At the moment I am running Tiki 6.4 (updated Tiki 6.3 to 6.4) and I wasn't succesfull upgrading it to Tiki 7.1.

So here is my simple question:
Am I to dump to upgrade to / run Tiki 7 or are there still some bugs stopping me to use Tiki as I was used to.
Everything I do with Tiki is done as described in the documentation.

I really love using Tiki and one of the reasons is the easiness to keep it up to date through it's well structured code. - Hope someone can help me.


Every 3 versions is a Long Term Support (LTS) (Tiki3, Tiki6, Tiki9). So you can stay on these branches for 2 years, with just minor .x releases.

To keep up with the evolution of the web, add/improve features/UI and to take advantage of newer technology, we sometimes have to make big changes which are clearly better for new deployments but that can cause upgrade issues (esp. when Tiki was customized and enhancements were not upstreamed).

Most of these big changes are made after the LTS, which explains why Tiki4 and Tiki7 were such big releases. Thus, 8.1 is expected to be more stable than 7.1, But you could very well stay on 6.x until Tiki 10.1 is released

Please see: Version Lifecycle.

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M ;-)