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Re: Re: Re: Interest groups, and their pages?

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> Deno:
> You mean, tiki already has all of it, except for the possibility that users define their own groups?

Tiki has quite a comprehensive permissions system in place at the moment. you would need to code some additional permissions to allow for group managers and then add security checks for those group manager permissions at various feature places.

> Yes, something like that. AnyUser, or at least a certain type of PrivilegedUsers shouls be able to define new groups at will, and "invite" people to "their" groups, and then set per-group permissions to parts of the tiki site... I can imagine following uses:
> * invite a group of people for a private discussion.
> * Prepare a project/meeting
> * documentation for kind-of-secret project that should not be seen by everyone.
> * members-only chat in a separate room
> * members-only forum
> etc.
> How difficult is it to implement this? As in "which files are affected" and "how much additional coding".
> Bear in mind that I'm new to tiki - I only really looked at LDAP auth code so far.

Well you would need to create a new permission in the database, then modify the admin_permissions so thats its there to be enabled. Then it would be a case of modifying the code in all areas to check for the new permission. I think a lot of tweaking in nearly all files.

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