Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Unable to login to MySQL

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If your in 1.8, make sure you choose Mysql 3 or mysql 4 accordingly wink

Database user must have a password too.

also i think changing the tiki-db.php is obselete and it requires the use of local.php instead
you could also check the permissions are set so that db/ can be written to as well as a /temp/ in your tikiroot.

> kage:
> I have the exact same problem that Tiki can not find a database connection - when I enter the correct database info the page refreshes (tiki_install) with localhost again. I have changed the tiki_db.php tfil to the correct information.
> I have an account on a linux server, the connection is not in safe_mode but I have only access to one database. I have set all the correct permissions as outlined in the manual. I have done the tests to check that pear is installed (and am assured by the server administrator that it is).
> I run other scripts from my account where php connects to my mysql database. So I don't think I have the problem that is outlined earlier (the order of installation).
> Does anyone have any tips of how I can explain the problem to my (over worked) server administrator?
> Thanks for any help

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