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Contact us - external Email

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A few questions about the contact us link and its possibilities

Does the contact us link allow the email to be sent to an external address i.e. my work one. ? I dont really want to open up the messaging system to all users.

Also do users need to log in to get this link to work?

Is there a way through the security to close the mesasging off to the users except a group I assign. Would this include the ability to remove the link in the menu.

failing the above I think I will alter the tpl to be a mailto: link

Suggestions, Views or Obvious statements welcome



PS tiki rocks - keep up the good work. If my work commissions this project to implement tiki I would like to start contributing to the decoumentation etc.

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Hi Hengis,

The messaging system send internel Tiki messages. However there is a mailto link at the bottom of that contact us page already. On Admin->Features are some options to allow a anonymous Contact Us.

I hope that gives you enough to get started anyway ;) Post back if you want more details!