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Re: Re: Re: Forward slash (ie. "/") within a page name?

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Vojtech H. (Huck, Hugo) Kment wrote:

Dear Tom,
thank you for your exhaustive explanation wink considering all options.

+1 Great answer!

Vojtech H. (Huck, Hugo) Kment wrote:
I understood your answers and gave Tiki another two days of evaluation. It is really feature-rich software. I have some issues with the performance as well as with stability but I have to study it more first.

Please see: Performance, which has some good leads.

About stability:

Tiki7 and Tiki8 have been exceptionally large releases and we have revamped a whole lot of stuff, which is awesome for the future of Tiki, but caused some instability.

So the tradeoff is stability vs new features. You can use Tiki6 LTS for maximal stability. Tiki9 LTS will be a small release, and I expect that Tiki10 won't have too much disruptive innovation. (innovation will be more localized)

Best regards,

M ;-)