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Re: Re: Re: PROBLEM: No RSS-Feed from Blog

United Kingdom

> paulap01:
> > Damian:
> > Hi
> >
> > Can you check that under the Admin->RSS Icon you have the feed for RSS individual weblogs.
> >
> > You can test it out on my 1.9 test site http://tikigod.org/blog I've enabled the RSS there, seems to work.
> Hi Damian,
> thx for your quick response.
> I use 1.75 production release. Not 1.9.
> 1. Admin->RSS: I have checked for individual weblogs. It's OK.
> 2. If I click on the RSS-Button on the mainpage of the blog (with the same URL I set to the RSS-Feed / http://localhost/tiki-blog_rss.php?blogId=1), I get the XML-Data. And it seems OK. Great.
> 3. But if I add this URL as a RSS-Feed and preview it. Boomm...
> 4. And if I want to use it in a Wiki-page nothing happens (sure, it is the same problem)
> paulap

Hiya, ok on http://tikigod.org I have all 3 versions. I've tried feeding the blog RSS of 1.7.5 into 1.7.5 itself and no joy, like you say, nothing. I'll look at the difference between 1.8 and 1.7.5 in the blogging rss later this evening and hopefully get a fix for you.

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