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Re: Concerned that TikiWiki wasn't the right choice - help please

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Hi Jeff:

But my main problem is with menus. I just can't get the menus and pages to work right and the documentation is so out of date.

Even trying to duplicate the "Application Menu" and deconstruct it doesn't help because logged in as admin, I can't even see that menu anywhere except for in the editor.



(and yes, sorry, if this is outdated, even the basic behavior didn't change much, just removed phplayermenus and added css menus in the last versions, as far as I know)

Check also (probably more updated) tiki for smarties:

Other questions I have...
- I switched to the WYSIWYG editor... not sure if I am missing anything with it.

No idea.

- Is there a difference between "pages" and "wiki pages"?

probably not. html pages in the past were called "pages", but I don't know if this still applies in Tiki 8x or 9.x

- In Menus, I can use the page name "Page+Name" or the wiki syntax ))Page+Name(( - is there a difference?

((Page Name)) is the same as [Page Name] (if rewrite rules are enabled)

- trying to make a menu with several pop out levels but it isn't going how I expected it would

css menus?


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