Re: Re: Re: BUG 1.75 - Admin Area

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> paulap01:
> > marclaporte:
> > This has something to do with Windows.
> >
> > Please try the suggested fix on InstallEasyPhpAndTiki and let us know if this helps.
> This trick doesn't work.
> But I solve the problem (and it's easy)!!!!!
> The problem was, that the temp directory in the database was set to "\" and not to "/temp". I only write "/temp" in the general preferences formular and now it works! It is important to give a "/" and not a "\" at the start of the directory name.
> Hope it works not only for the moment.
> paulap

Thanks for the feedback there! I shall make some amendment to the 1.7 branch in readyness for the 1.7.6 wink


p.s. Keep up the good work in spotting the problems, we are short of feedback from windows installers

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