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Features / Usability

Re: Re: Re: Re: w.bloggar & tikiwiki

United Kingdom

> paulap01:
> Thank you Damian,
> I have found the WikiPage and it works partly.
> Following questions:
> 1. I can only select blogs, not other komponents like article or wiki

Correct its just blogs.

> 2. I'am german speaking and the special characters like öäü are wrong interpreted. It seems a problem with the language-code

Is your PHP setup to something other than UTF-8 maybe?

> 3. Does the XMLPRC - functionality support categories?

I'm not a huge w.bloggar expert. I use it to post into some blogs I keep as work records from my XP laptop. The rest of the time i'm in mozzy posting.

Categories are missing in our Blog Posts at the moment. I've adopted the BlogDev and I'd value feedback there for missing features from experienced Bloggers. Can you help me?


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