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Re: Re: private workspace ?

United Kingdom

> Julian:
> I've been thinking about this same problem... I think the answer is to set up a new group on tikiwiki (say "team"), and grant this group all the normal view, edit writes etc. Then remove those rights from the "registered users" group. Set up all your project team in the new group, that way any pages they create will default to being visible only in the inner circle. If you want a page to be viewable or editable by the broader user base you can then set per-page permissions for that page.
> I don't know whether those rights inherit - for example if an "outer" user is editing a page to which they have access then create a new Wiki page will they have the rights to it???

> Of course the TikiCommunity may have a better answer...

Hi people! (everyone is a member of the tiki community wink )

Ok, Julian has the correct idea. You'll need to set a group with different permissions and then assign than on a per page basis, or if you use 1.8 you can try a per structure basis.

You'll have to let us know how you get on!


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