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Re: Re: Set the charcount of a integrated RSS stream title? HOW?

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All documentation that currently exists will be here on tikiwiki.org search for plugin in the Wiki page name box and you will see docs about all known/documented features/parameters.


> paulap01:
> Hi,
> I have found some possibilities to customize the output of a tiki komponent in a wiki page. It look's like:
> MODULE(module=>wiki_last_comments,np=>1,nonums=>y,max=>10)
> MODULE(module=>last_modif_pages,np=>1,nonums=>y,max=>10,maxlen=>0)
> It seem's that this is a possibility to set the output stream.
> BUT:
> - is there any DOCUMENTATION out there?
> - what PARAMETERS exists and what they are doing?
> - is there a chance to CODE such libs? How?
> - can anybody explain me the basic functionality behind?
> paulap

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