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Re: a better R workflow on a webserver

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Hi Joël:

What do you mean by:

(with a load message .temp/cache/R_Stats_%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BD%D0%B0/6d0b8396d6a7b97602e43bbfc3993451_1.png)

And regarding your last (initial) question:

Is it possible somehow to give to R server an initial object that all running processes use and that can be automatized via a bash script???

After loading the csv data, you would take profit of saving a binary image of your object to disk, so that further reads are way faster.

See this:

R code at the R console in RStudio for instance
# load your csv (read.csv or by any other means) into the object myobject 
save(myobject, file="myobjectondisk.Rda")
# Notice that you don't have myobject loaded onto your workspace anymore. 

Remember to use, then, the param in PluginR loadandsave="1" (which is enabled by default, by the way, since a few versions, for sake of easy usage of PluginR in most frequent use cases)

Hoep this helps...

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