Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Improvements in PluginRR caching: detect tracker item changes & system to force reload on demand

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Hi all:

After some nice interaction with a user making advanced use of PluginR with a "pretty tracker" approach for his application ( https://doc.tiki.org/Pretty+Tracker ), I?ve started adding a couple of improvements that I'd like you to test before going fully public in the new release of PluginR.

If you fetch the latest version of PluginRR from subversion (r47003), you will be able to play with it. You can alternatively copy the new version through this page:


2 new features:

  1. when content is shown from a cached version, this is indicated with "(Cached R)" and an icon to refresh the content (re-run the script avoiding the cached R content)
  2. if there are changes to any field of the tracker item (like in page r_test3 created from the Tiki profile r_test), R is run again avoiding the cached content.

I wish someone could test whether this solve the issues some of you found related to an interference between cached content and new content, without knowing that the displayed content came from the cached one.


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