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Re: Mail Notification for Blogs?

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I would definitely appreciate any assistance you could provide in creating a mail event patch to allow blog monitoring via email. There are a few other items I'm struggling to define (e.g. multi-layer user security, appropriate use of categories, topics and structures), but I'll try to work on one problem at a time.

Unfortunately I'm a bit of a neophyte in PHP development, and have just introduced myself to the TikiWiki platform late last week. I'm one of those tech-God has-beens who have turned to project management and are gradually seeing their technical skills degrade. (Except for SQL .. it's like riding a bike!) Please bear with me on the inevitable confusion regarding some things you may take as obvious.

At any rate...

After evaluating PHPNuke, PostNuke, SnipSnap, and a variety of other products, TW looks to me to have the most promise in developing a intranet-based software project communication portal. I look forward to modifying it as necessary to accomodate a "typical" project manager's needs, and will keep a log of what I'm doing so that it may be reproduced by others.