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> vtman15:
> Sorry, I just saw this exact question was asked a few threads earlier. Damian, you mentioned that you use the ARTICLES() plugin in a wiki page - can you give a couple of more details about how you accomplished this, or post a small code snippet?
> Thanks


Yes, good detective work smile

OK on a wiki page, Have a header, then underneath type
and that will show the top 3 latests ones. For example:

Happy Birthday, Tiki!

Author: habiba - Published

October 9th is a special date for us, as it marks the completion of another successful year for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. It was all started in 2002 by Luis Argerich with just a handful of users and with significant community support still off in the future. After years of active development, in 2020, Tiki has had one of the largest Open Source teams in the world. Tiki has been contributed to by some 300 developers, and has thousands of users, many features and configuration options, continuous improvement and industry-wide use for public websites and nonpublic intranets and special applications.

Security Releases of all Tiki versions since 16.3

Author: The Tiki Team - Published
Due to some essential security fixes in all Tiki branches since 16.x we are happy to announce the release of the following minor updates: 21.2, 20.4, 19.3, 18.7, 17.3, 16.4.

We strongly recommend all Tiki website administrators to upgrade their sites to the latest Tiki versions.

If you cannot do even a minor upgrade please contact security at tiki.org for advice on to how to secure your installation.

Virtual TikiFest June the 13th 2020

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published

The Tiki Community will join together for a Virtual TikiFest June 2020.
As it has never been done before, for this virtual TikiFest we are trying a kind of new concept — with no traveling involved, there are no constraints regarding locations or timing.

Several tasks, discussions, topics are being organized:

  • Profiles Revamp
  • Vue.js
  • Tiki sites Improvements
  • Endangered features
  • Web browser accessibility

TikiFest Virtual June 2020

Author: Tiki Admins - Published

While some restrictions are being lifted in various countries, the coronavirus pandemic is still a serious threat to public health, and guidelines for the safe and gradual restoration of travel are making it impossible to organize a normal Tikifest where people from all over the world to meet and work together for several days. But, because we often get together online, and we have the Tiki tools to collaborate remotely, the lockdowns won’t stop us from holding a virtual TikiFest.

The dates, topics, agenda, and so on for the online event are being planned now. At our recent Round Table Meeting, Tiki's Profiles feature was brought up as something that needs to be repaired or replaced, so this is on the agenda for sure. Beyond that, please visit TikiFest Virtual 2020 for more information. If you would like to help set the details, please register at Tiki.org if you haven't done so already, and add your ideas to the page. And stay tuned for the announcement of the meeting dates and other details.

Message from Tiki.org about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published
At this difficult time with the coronavirus pandemic spread around the world and people everywhere doing their best to cope with it and recover, we want to express our solidarity with everyone responding to the problem, and we assure you that we will try to do our part by continuing to make Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware available as a free tool for online collaboration and data presentation, which may be especially useful in this time of social distancing.

New major long term support version is out! Tiki 21.0 LTS released together with security and bug-fix updates for all supported Tiki branches

Author: luciash d' being 🧙‍♂️ - Published
The Tiki community is happy to announce that Tiki 21.0 LTS, a new major version (codenamed UY Scuti), has been released together with security and bug-fix updates in parallel releases of Tiki 20.2, Tiki 18.5 LTS and Tiki 15.8 LTS!

We strongly recommend all Tiki website administrators to upgrade their sites to the latest relevant Tiki version.

Welcome to new Tiki project administrators

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is an organic self-governing project that values doing things "the wiki way" and, in this spirit, when it's time to find people to join the group of project administrators, we draw from the community, looking for members who have been participating actively and are in a position to contribute time and effort to help with the guidance and direction of the project.

At this time, the Admin Group of the Tiki Software Community Association is pleased to announce the addition of four new members: Bilal Siddiq, Brendan Ferguson, Fabio Montefuscolo, and Lindon Barnfield, who have been involved in the project in various ways and can contribute their particular skills and perspectives. The new members expand the range of the admin group in terms of geography, knowledge and experience, and we are very pleased to make this announcement. Thanks again to the new admins for joining as we look forward to a great 2020.

About the new members . . . .

Happy Seventeen, Tiki !

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published

Congratulations to all of the Tiki family for completing 17 years of improvement, enhancement and continuous releases.

In October 2002 (on the 9th), the first piece of the Tiki open source software code was released, and today Tiki is one of the most advanced wiki-centric web applications available. Tiki 20 is the fruit of this hard work. This version is a big jump toward our next major release and everyone is warmly invited to upgrade to Tiki20 to enjoy many improvements. This achievement is the result of the continuous efforts of the Tiki contributors and community and it is a great celebration for all!

Tiki 12 reaches end of service life - what are your options?

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published

Tiki 12 LTS, first released in November 2013, has reached the end of its service life, so is no longer being maintained by the Tiki Community or receiving security fixes or feature updates. Tiki 12 users are urged to upgrade their site to the latest Tiki Long Term Support version. Organizations that for some reason choose to continue using Tiki 12 can seek professional enterprise support from a Tiki consultant.

Adieu Pkdille

Author: Jean-Marc Libs - Published

Pascal Kustner (pkdille) left us in the night of April 30th/May 1st 2019, succumbing to cancer.

Tiki 19.1 Released

Author: Mike Finko - Published
The Tiki community is proud to release Tiki 19.1, an undoubtedly strong update to Tiki 19.x stable branch. This update includes many bug fixes (one of the biggest pieces of good news is that H5P and Bootstrap Tour features are working again) and several UI/UX enhancements. Read more for the details or hit the download button below!

Tiki Open Office Hours the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published

Due to the success of those sessions we decided to held a meeting every 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month till the end of this year (and it will stay like this if it works as well as today).

Next Tiki Open Office Hours will be this Thursday (8/11/18) from 15h to 17h UTC.

A Tiki Online Open Hours is a live two-hour session with a Tiki specialist who will be available to talk with you about Tiki, and try to help you and answer your questions. It is casual and open to everyone no matter if you are a developer, a webmaster or a user - this is the Tiki Online Open Hours!

It is a unique opportunity to have a Tiki Specialist checking and helping on your specific issue or project for free.

More details : Tiki-Online-Open-Hours

See you there !
The Tiki Community

Happy 16th Birthday, Tiki!

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published

Tikibd16 New

Happy Birthday, Tiki!

16 years ago it started:
Oct 7th 2002 - "Project founded" (first commit to the version control system, which was still CVS back then before we switched to SVN)
Oct 8th 2002 - Version 0.9 package released on Sourceforge.net
Oct 9th 2002 - Official announcement of the 0.9 release made

Since then, tons of features were added and a strong community was built. Today while we are working on Tiki19, countless organizations, corporations and individuals rely on the powerful features of Tiki!

"Happy Birthday, Tiki" and thanks to every user and/or contributor!

The opening of Tiki Online Open Hours

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published

The Tiki community is proud to announce the opening of Tiki Online Open Hours Friday, the 5th of October, 2018, from 13:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC

You are warmly invited to a live two-hour session with a Tiki specialist who will be available to talk with you about Tiki, try to help you and answer your questions.
It is casual and open to everyone no matter if you are a developer, a webmaster or a user or just passing by.
Just prepare your favorite beverage, put on a headset (test before the meeting, please) and we’ll talk.

There are advantages in direct one-to-one and small group conversation and we want to explore this with you.
We will start at https://tiki.org/live on Friday, the 5th of October, 2018, from 13:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC.
Visit this link to have the time converted to your local time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Tiki+Online+Open+Hours&iso=20181005T13&p1=1440&ah=2.

Ideally, we want to have a Tiki Online Open Hours session every week, but we are in new territory here and there are a lot of options (open to everyone together, one-on-one discussions, by appointment, and so on).
We will adjust and keep improving. . . . This is the wiki way, and the Tiki way!

As requirement prior for those meeting, please, find a quiet place and use a headset, test before the meeting, prepare your question, organize with a demo or screenshot.
During the meeting, please, be respectful and patient with other participants, don't monopolize the time and attention of the facilitator.

Please find more details at : https://tiki.org/Tiki-Online-Open-Hours

I’ll be the facilitator for the next sessions and I’ll be waiting for you this Friday !

Security and bug-fix updates: Tiki 18.2, Tiki 15.7 and Tiki 12.14 released!

Author: luciash d' being - Published
We are happy to announce that Tiki 18.2, Tiki 15.7 and Tiki 12.14 have been released with security and bug-fix updates.

We strongly recommend all Tiki website administrators to upgrade their sites to the latest Tiki versions.

Thanks to chbi of https://chbi.eu for the security reports and helping us to make Tiki much safer application again!

Visit https://tiki.org/Download to get the latest version.

Tiki 18.1 has been released (fixes and security update)

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published
The Tiki community is pleased to announce the latest stable release - 18.1. This update includes a number of fixes since the initial 18 release, as well as code and feature improvements. And it includes critical security fixes that have also been backported to all maintained Tiki versions - Tiki 15.6LTS, Tiki 12.13LTS and Tiki 17.2. Get Tiki 18.1 or the update for the version you are using at the download page.

We, the Tiki community, warmly encourage current Tiki users to update to - and new users to try out - Tiki 18.1 and benefit from the new features, options and fixes. Thanks to the hundreds of reports and wishes submitted by Tiki testers and community members, the changes from 15 to 18 have been impressive and this update continues that trend. This is another occasion to remind you that updating your site regularly will ease your own update and maintenance process as well as keep your site as secure as possible.

This is also the time to say goodbye to Tiki 17, which has come to the end of its support period and won’t be further upgraded.

The security team would like to give thanks and credit to Pranav Digambar Jagtap @pranavH4x0r, chbi of https://chbi.eu, Karim of ripstech.com and Omar Kurt of netsparker.com for their security reports and help to make Tiki a safer application.

If you like Tiki and find it useful, we invite you to join the Tiki community and to help fund our open source project.

Tiki 18.0 released

Author: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist - Published
The Tiki Community is pleased to announce the latest stable release - Tiki 18.0 aka Alcyone. This update includes many new features and code improvements. Get Tiki 18.0 at the download page.

Tiki 18, originally scheduled for an December 2017 release but pushed back for extra fixes and enhancements, brings a number of significant new features including a Composer web installer, integration of better GUI (drag and drop interface), a new Style-Guide tool, a major upgrade of the external libraries for H5P, the open source platform for creating rich HTML5 content, and many improvements around trackers, wiki plugins and the system admins tools (for detailed info and list, visit: https://doc.tiki.org/tiki18).

For the most polished and feature-complete Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware experience, an upgrade to Tiki 18.0 or new installation as a first Tiki website is highly recommended!

Tiki Celebrates 15th Birthday

Author: Gary Cunningham-Lee - Published

On October 8, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware marked 15 years of continuous development. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project over the years by coding and bug-fixing, creating and hosting websites, and providing great feedback for further improvement.

The 15-year milestone was celebrated over a tonkatsu dinner at TikiFest Japan 2017 as Marc (Laporte) told the story of how Luis Argerich began work on the software in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002. Tiki has steadily grown to become the Open Source web application platform with the most built-in features, leveraging the efficiency of the all-in-one, no-third-party-plugins model.

Happy Birthday, Tiki!

PluginArticles I think contains more info on the specifics.

I'm also using it on our new mods site -> http://mods.tikiwiki.org


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