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Re: Re : Mail Notification for Blogs?

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Ah. It took me a bit to figure out what you were asking me to actually do (code-wise). From the templates/tiki-view_blog.tpl template, I took out the first if statement and left the else section as a standalone. With that mod, the monitor function for blogs is now working great - Thanks!

The next odd thing on the blog side is that only the first blog entry is showing from the tiki-view_blog.tpl template. At this point I only had a single blog entry set up for testing. When I added a second, the page shows that there are 2 posts, but I can only see 1 on the tiki_view_blog page. I assume it's related to the {section name=ix loop=$listpages} line in the tiki-view-blog template. When I performed a sprint $listpages in the debug window, the array only shows a single entry. The tiki_blog_posts table looks like the post is correctly saved as well. I haven't searched the site or buglist for this yet, so it may already be known, but it seems to be fairly constraining.

Thank you!

2/13 Edit
Odd. I logged out of the system and logged back in, and now the blogs are displaying just fine. Strange... I guess I'll withdraw my issue with blog displays.