Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Re: Jyhem coding RR plugin settings variables directly from within RR

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Thanks Jyhem and Joël, I was thinking in the last weeks that we needed something like this, to allow the user to manage 100% of chart generation and display, etc.

I've added your code enhancements to v0.87, already committed (r48058). Remember Jyhem that you can add your improvements to pluginR yourself , following the same 3 rules that we have in Tiki :-)

PluginR is becoming very versatile with all the improvements addded since August. Nice!

I also added a new page in profile r_test: r_test8, which is a showcase of the usage of this new param: customoutput.

Thanks for all your feedback and code contributions!


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