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{img} tag in wiki stops PDF generation?

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A huge reason why I feel our projet team can use Tikiwiki (rather than another wiki system) to document our requirements is the effective use of on-the-fly PDF generation to create an offline version.

I've just started playing with this feature, and may have noticed a bug. When I have text in a wiki page, the PDF generates just fine (although I'd like to have a ".pdf" at the end of the streamed file). However, when I add a valid image from the image gallery {img src=http://localhost/tiki/show_image.php?id=4"} at the end of a page, a request for a PDF generation returns with a blank page, with tiki-export_pdf.php in the address bar. If the image link is invalid, the PDF works fine.

Is there anything I can do to get images into my PDF?



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I'm not sure on a cure, but just so that you dont pull out all your hair, I believe the feature has been bugged in that area for sometime. I may be wrong tho. Can anyone else confirm?