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Re: Dynamic Items List

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Can you please reproduce in a public site, so that other users willing to help, can have an easier way to test whether it's a configuration problem, or confirm to you that this seems to be a real bug?

You can try in http://demo.tiki.org (choosing latest stable branch, 12.x at the moment). Or add a bug report, and then, create a "show" instance. If proven to be a configuration issue, no problem, we close that bug report and that's all. If a bug, everything is there to keep collecting information from the users and devs who want to help you to get it bug fixed.

If you want to reproduce an issue like this, you can try (if you don't want to start from scratch) applying the profile that I created to test the Dynamic items list in the future:

(or feel free to improve that profile)

Thanks for your help!

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