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Re: Probably the main problem with Tiki

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Hi fakemoth

Thanks for your message. You are probably quite right in what you say.

As far as I am concerned, I can't cope with everything: documenting, coding, discussing/designing new features with other developers, testing/bug reporting, etc.

Every now and then, I do my best to reply in forums (you can notice by the number of posts I have in forums, plus the ones as user xavidp, which is me also), thanks to the alert shown on Irc regarding forum posts, besides many other things shown there. Specially when I consider that I may know the answer to that question, or that the title is intriguing enough (like in this case) and I have some time that day for reading it.

Regarding your question about LDAP, I'm a newbie in LDAP, so if I read something about LDAP, I'll leave that for somebody else to reply.

And yes, we probably expect that (we) users help more the other users in the forums. I mean, I see that you have 16 posts right now in t.o forums. And if your problems are with trackers and LDAP, I guess that you know enough from the basics in order to be able to help other people in the forums, with more basic questions than yours.

Of course I have no doubt that some of your 16 posts have been to help other users requesting basic help, because this is the way that this community is sustainable. Most of the work here is done by volunteer users like you and me.

Welcome on board to make this Community better.

FYI, most developers follow the tikiwiki-devel ("Development") email list, and many do follow the tikiwiki-users ("Users") email list (see http://tiki.org/Mailing+Lists ). But probably just a few developers do follow regularly the t.o forums, maybe because they are somewhat overflooded with newbie questions, that other users in tiki using the forums can answer them.

My 2 cents.

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