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too many permissions

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I'm using tiki 11.0 (it has been migrated from a very old version some time ago) and I have the following problem: every time a new user is added, that user gets ALL permissions, it seems to be added to the admin group by default.

Where is that behavior configured? How can modify it so new users don't get so many permissions?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Please note that Tiki 11 is no longer developed or supported. However, here are some things to check:

  • Depending on which version you upgraded from, the permissions model have changed. You should review the release notes for details.
  • You can specify which groups new users can join on the Admin: Login page. Please see the docs for details.
  • You can specify the permissions for each group on the Assign Global Permissions page. Please see the docs for details.


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Other possibility:
Maybe group Admins is included into group Registered

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That was it! Registered was inheriting permissinos from Admins!

Thank you for your help!