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Architecture / Installation

t'chat still not working (1.8)

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I have successfully upgrade to 1.8.
While under XP (confirmed on 98 and Mac) the chat is still getting errors.

I can log onto the chat and see the 3 main chat windows.
I can see myself and other logged.
As i valid my input with enter nothing appears on the main field.

In rare occasion users can see all the text inputed in the text field while others don't but most of the time the text field stay blank for everybody.

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I have the same problem. After investigating the problem I found out that the problem only occurs when I link to my site by a redirected http-link e.g. my site name ist

http://mysite.dyndns.org and I redirect to this site by http://www.mysite.org

The chat works perfect if I use http://mysite.dyndns.org directly.