Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Tiki 15 Debut

posts: 1797 Catalan Countries

Thanks heaps jmorris for your time, offer to help with documentation, tutorials, (even donations!), etc.You are VERY welcome!


And thanks Torsten  for your tireless work helping in the forums, users administration, etc.


Please, jmorris, do not hesitate to request for help, if you need any more permissions at any time on any of those t.o sites. And if you don't mind, we might have a more fluid communication in the tiki users list, because active tiki members are subscribed there. Unluckily, not all developers or Tiki project admins can follow and provide feedback on all tiki forums (), but we are subscribed to the email lists. 

See: Lists > Users


(another of the Tiki Project admins, which can not follow t.o forums as much as he would like, unluckily)

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