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Architecture / Installation

Re: General User Help

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If i may...

No doubt that Tiki is realy a piece of work and there is not enought lines here to thanks the community who put together all the part. (sincerely (!)

But, there is always room for improvement...confused

If i have to test a lot as admin to understand how things goes, the "stupid user" (no offense) don't understand a lot about it.

I began to fill the FAQ section of my Tiki trying to answer simples use questions (kind of things like size, .gif, .jpg how to post in a forum cause peoples simply don't know (!) before they come forwarding my own understanding.

I'm sure i'm not the only one.

May be we can create or regroup all the faq's we've done or wished and create a "standard" set of faq's for the users of our tiki ?

(mine are in french :-))

If this cooperation is allready under way to bas i didn't find it easely !razz

Have a nice day