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Re: Image Galleries: Upload and Storage

United Kingdom

1. On one website the images get stored in the subdirectory with permissions 640 and in ftp I cannot change the permissions on the files: 'Permission Denied' to change permissions (I am trying to change the permissions to 644 like it is automatically on my other website). Now I cannot retrieve the files, I want to do a backup. What am I doing wrong? Or is it the hosting company?

Because they were created by Apache, apache can work with them. Some hosts put apache in the same group as users or visaversa and it allows access to those files. A little script to get apache to chmod them differently should do the trick tho.

2. On the second website I cannot upload images larger than 26KB, on 28KB it gives an 'Internal Server Error, contact the webmaster....'. The PHP limit is 2MB. I increased 2 values in php.ini, but I really don't know what I'm doing here:

What version of GD or ImageMagick is this second host using? Also whats the LimitRequestBody set to in apache?


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